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Business Manager Vacancy

For the implementation of a new branch of Smienk Trapliften BV in the Greater Toronto Area (Canada) in the third quarter of 2022, Smienk Trapliften is seeking to fill the position of Business Manager. The business manager will be responsible for the entire start-up of the Canadian branch synchronous to the existing (9 years) Dutch company as it develops into day-to-day operations at the new location.

Smienk Trapliften purchases, refurbishes, resells and installs used stairlifts across the Dutch, Belgian and German markets for private and public spaces. Smienk Trapliften is also a current registered dealer for two world-renowned stairlift providers and also sells and installs new units.

Wat ga je doen?

The tasks at hand are the following:

  • Become completely familiar with current company protocol and standards
  • Gain on-floor knowledge of services offered
  • Learn and be involved with company’s vision
  • Acquire problem-solving techniques specific to past, continuing, and future clients
  • Understand the field of enhanced mobility and specific services provided
  • Asses current warehousing setup and secure suitable business space in the GTA
  • Meet with existing Dutch employees in all levels to fully understand duties and responsibilities in their roles; source and hire technicians, a marketer and a salesperson
  • Be trained by Smienk staff on leadership and employee health and safety; teach newly recruited staff
  • Gather a concise infobank of the wide inventory of lift models, parts, and tools currently in use on location and how their function is imperative to the new branched location
  • Analyze fleet needs currently required for removal, installation, and service, and arrange a number of company cars and vans of similar outfit
  • Meet existing bank of company contacts at all levels to learn relevance and importance to the company; build and continually expand a network of new contacts
    • Home health care organizations
    • City, local and regional governments
  • Secure Canadian financial and judicial supports similar to the Dutch systems
  • Acquire a vast knowledge of company budgeting and fiscal reports with the current financial team and fully understand how this is crucial to success; company should break-even within 1 year
Wat moet je kunnen

Smienk DNA
Corporate culture is of high importance at Smienk Trapliften; we call it the Smienk DNA. Firstly and most important, how all past, current, and potential customers are treated. Smienk continually strives to be the very best company for all clients. Customer friendliness is the core of everyone who works for Smienk. This, together with honesty and the drive to help people. Secondly, every co-worker should feel well respected and appreciated. It is of utmost importance to create a safe, fun and stimulating work environment.


Training and Subsequent Performance
Complete and concise training will be required to understand the business model at Smienk Trapliften BV (Nunspeet, NL). The removal, re-make and installation of lifts in private and public spaces in the Dutch, Belgian and German markets is unique and complex; the Business Manager will be required to have a thorough and well-grounded understanding to successfully branch into the Canadian market. A secure feel and mastery of current and evolving company standards and operations is vital before transferring Dutch knowledge and skill to the Canadian team as it establishes and grows in it’s new location. Subsequent business protocols synchronous to the Dutch company will be matched and continued within Canada.



  • Completed work experience in business administration
  • Extended knowlegde of the Canadian law and legislation concerning businesses in aids for the elderly and disabled
  • Experience in managing a business and leading a team of professionals at all levels
  • Canadian citizenship
  • Trilingual; fluent in English, French and Dutch
  • Willing to live and work in the Netherlands for 1 year followed by living and working in Canada

What do we offer?

Smienk Trapliften is a welcoming atmosphere and encourages applicants. The successful candidate will have the opportunity to learn and taste the Smienk DNA. With on-location training, all skills will be transferred to become successful in the role of business manager. Salary is dependent on experience; 25 holidays in accordance with Dutch labour law.


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